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NFC East Standings Report - NFL Week 7

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The Eagles are in second place.


It's that time of week where BGN checks up on the Eagles' divisional neighbors: their NFC East rivals.

All four NFCE teams were in action this week. Washington took on the Chicago Bears in DC, the Eagles and Cowboys played in Philadelphia, and New York finished up Week 7 of the NFL in a game at Minnesota.

Here's a look at the official standings.

NFC East Standings:

1) Dallas Cowboys (4-3)
2) Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)
3) Washington Redskins (2-4)
4) New York Giants (1-6)

No changes in position, but the Cowboys solidified their spot at the top with a win over the Eagles. Washington's win over Chicago was a barn-burner that put them one step closer to salvaging their season. New York ran into a team even worse than them on MNF.

The Eagles were the only NFC East team that didn't come out of this week with a win.

Week 7 Breakdown

1) Dallas Cowboys

Critical win for them, but it wasn't pretty. Dallas only put up 17 points but they only allowed 3. Credit to Monte Kiffin and the Dallas defense. Also credit to the Eagles' offense for a failure to execute. DAL is 3-0 in the division and 4-0 in the NFC.

First place is very, very nice, but we are still coming up on the halfway mark of the season. The team still needs to win several more games. They need to keep on displaying several traits they have shown the past few weeks, and one that cannot be overestimated is their resilience. They have come back from bad performances, and have overcome things like the difficulties the offense had against the Eagles. If the team can ever get all three phases of the game operating in concert, they could be very difficult to beat. Until then, they do seem to be finding a way for one unit to step up when another one needs some help.

Next up: Away at the Lions. Could be a tough one.

2) Philadelphia Eagles

Welpadelphia. Nick Foles played a horrible game, as did the rest of the Eagles' offense. It was a big opportunity for Philly to step up and take the division lead but they failed to rise to the challenge. At least the Eagles' defense played well, which is a positive sign.

Nick Foles did not play well. He finished with a stat line of 11/29 (37.9%), 80 yards (2.8 average) and a 46.2 QB rating. 0 TD/0 INT. Yuck. Matt Barkley looked unsurprisingly unspectacular as well.

Next up: NYG at home. It's time for the Eagles to win a home game.

3) Washington

One step closer to salvaging their season. At 2-4, they are only one win away from tying with the Eagles. The problem is DC has a poor division record (1-2) and NFC record (1-4). Washington faces an uphill battle. Beating the Bears (minus Jay Cutler) at home in a barn-burner is a start, I guess.

Even though every talking head and analyst tried to beat this point over the head last night, the truth is that yesterday's win did smack of the same kind of vibe from the end of last season. The feeling inside FedEx, the way the Redskins gutted out an extremely late victory, the confidence this team put on display in the closing minutes of a tight was all there. I won't go so far as to predict the same kind of run we had last year, but what I think is extremely important is that we got back to that feeling.

Up next: Travel to Denver to take on the Broncos, who are coming off a loss. That won't be easy for DC.

4) New York Giants

Winless no longer! Luckily for NYG the Vikings are even worse than them. They were aided by Vikings QB Josh Freeman who had an awful game. New York's defense did find a way to hold Adrian Peterson in check.

The Giants’ Defense: Perhaps the Giants should send flowers to Minnesota coach Leslie Frazier, thanking him for starting the woefully ineffective Josh Freeman (20-of-53) at quarterback, but this was a great effort from a unit that has been maligned for much of the season.

Up next: Eagles, in Philadelphia.

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