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Michael Vick likely to start in Week 8 against the Giants, per report

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Al Messerschmidt

Michael Vick may not be fully healthy, but that may not matter after Nick Foles' performance and head injury in Week 7. The former Pro Bowl quarterback is likely to start against the Giants in Week 8, even if he is not fully-recovered from the hamstring pull that has kept him out of two games, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane.

Vick still recovering from the hamstring injury and his condition will likely be updated by Wednesday, per McLane. Vick has been absent from the lineup since the closing minutes of the first half of the Eagles win over the Giants in Week 5. Foles has filled in for Vick and went 1-1 as starter as well as finished out the win over New York. Foles was terrific against the Buccaneers but was abysmal against the Cowboys on Sunday in a 17-3 loss.

The Eagles will host the Giants in Week 8 on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on FOX.

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