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LeSean McCoy: Best Running Back in the NFL


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia is off to a slow start with a 1-3 record, but one star shines bright amongst the initial darkness. Ironically, his nickname is Shady. LeSean McCoy, the Eagles' awesome starting running back, is that star. He's easily been the Eagles' best player through their first four games.

And he just might be the best running back in the entire NFL right now. Sorry Adrian Peterson, but numbers don't lie, check the scoreboard:

Category Value Rank
Rushing yards 468 1
Yards per rush attempt 6 1
Yards per game 117 1
Longest run 41 T-14
Carries over 20 yards 3 T-4
TD 2 T-6
Fumbles 0 T-1
Rushing first downs 23 1
Receiving yards 140 7
Total yards from scrimmage 608 1
Forced missed tackles 17 2

Project LeSean McCoy's league-leading 608 yards from scrimmage over 16 games. That's 2432 yards. It would be the second most ever in a single NFL season. Result of McCoy being matched with Chip Kelly's offensive genius is simply unfair.

Even when you put the numbers aside, McCoy's ability is off the charts. Not to mention, extremely fun to watch.

His ability to shift (hence: cut on dime) is uncanny. Defenders don't stand a chance. Heck, they look flat out silly trying to stop him.

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