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Will the Eagles be involved in a trade deadline deal?

Will Howie Roseman deal again this season?

Jeff Gross

On Oct. 29, the chance of any wheeling and dealing throughout the NFL will stop 4 p.m. ET. Typically, this trade deadline causes a minor several minor moves to be made or one big move in the days leading up to the end. The Eagles are in an interesting place, as they were/are expected to be a work-in-progress but are really in a two-team race for the NFC East. While the team is obviously building for the future, they have tremendous opportunity to add early success under Chip Kelly.

The Eagles have the option of picking up players or picks. While the team likely wants to keep its chemistry intact and Howie Roseman has said they he does not expect to deal, the Eagles front office has been on of the more active trading teams in the league during his tenure. Let's take a look at some of the potential players that the Eagles could have interest in trading for or away:

Trading For

Jairus Byrd, S, Bills

Why: Have you seen our safety unit? Byrd is a two time Pro-Bowl safety with an Oregon background and an ability to create turnovers. He has led the AFC in interceptions twice and is a two-time All-Pro as well. He just turned 27, so he still has plenty of time in his prime.

Why not: Byrd has a history of injuries and recently just played his first game coming off a Lisfranc sprain. He missed the first five games of the season and still would likely cost a rather high draft pick. Only able to play out his one-year deal with no extension, the risk may not be worth the reward if he bolts this summer.

LaMichael James, RB, 49ers

Why: It seems that Bryce Brown has not been all that effective in the new system. Whether it is because of his lack of ball security or his habit of bouncing outside on literally every run. Either way, LeSean McCoy needs a backup that can produce and make big plays. James is an Oregon Duck that has been buried behind the likes of Frank Gore (understandable) and Kendall Hunter (also understandable) with Marcus Lattimore waiting in the wings for next year. Perhaps, the 49ers would be interested in dealing James for a late-round pick. He is a Shady-like back and can return kicks, which is probably a good thing when you consider Damaris Johnson's lack of explosion as a kick returner.

Why not: There is still the chance that Brown develops in the system. While James is intriguing due to his talent and roots, running backs are a dime-a-dozen in the NFL. This season will likely see several running backs shopping only to be cut after the deadline and James could be cut next year.

Josh Gordon & Greg Little, WRs, Browns

Why: These guys are a pair because the Browns will likely only deal one of them at trade deadline. Gordon is an all-star talent with size, speed and off-the-field issues, while Little is another big target with inconsistent hands and speed. The Browns will likely want a high pick for Gordon, while they may settle for a fifth or sixth-round pick for Little. The latter is intriguing mainly due to his size and his experience with Pat Shurmur. He was drafted by him and the Browns used a power-running game last season, so Little is likely at least an average blocker. He would be an upgrade over Riley Cooper.

Why Not: Draft picks are fun, especially when you don't have to share them with anyone (see what I did there...crickets). The price is likely too high for Gordon and Little may not be consistent enough for Kelly. If the Browns are open to dealing Little for a sixth, he would likely be dealt.

Everson Griffen, DE/OLB, Vikings

Why: Griffen is an underrated pass rusher, who is extremely young and little wear-and-tear due to spending his career behind Jared Allen and Brian Robison. Griffen has not signed an extension with the Vikings and it is doubtful they franchise tag him in the offseason. He could give the pass rusher a bit of a boast but would have to convert to outside linebacker midseason.

Why Not: The transition from defensive end to outside linebacker is tough, just ask Brandon Graham. To do it midseason while learning the playbook is even tougher. He would likely cost a fourth-round pick, so Roseman will likely avoid that deal.

Trade Away

Brandon Graham, OLB, Eagles

Why: Graham has really struggled to make an impact as the third outside linebacker. He is not really a fit for this defense and likely will be dropped in the summer. This is why you may as well get value for him based on last season's tape. There are plenty of 4-3 teams that could use more stability at defensive end like the Buccaneers, Vikings, Raiders and Falcons.

Why Not: Perhaps, the juice is not worth the squeeze on the trade market. If Roseman has a price and teams are not willing to pay it, then there is no shot of a deal. Graham still has another 10 games to develop and is clearly still adapting. With Trent Cole being used a lot as the defensive end in the 3-4, it could open up more playing time for Graham.

James Casey, TE, Eagles

Why: Through six games, Casey has been injured and unproductive. He has one catch for 12 yards and has been clearly been overtaken by rookie Zach Ertz in the lineup. While he is the emergency quarterback and a solid special teams player, he is not worth the amount of money that he is signed for on his contract. His value is not likely all that high but several teams were interested in him in the offseason.

Why Not: He is still kind of a mystery weapon. Maybe Kelly will launch the Casey 2K13 campaign shortly. An H-back has value in this league but with a lack of playing time, I am not sure you can get a whole lot of offers at this time.

Bryce Brown, RB, Eagles

Why: As I mentioned before, Brown has not been special this season, for whatever reason. He has been an average backup but in an offense that is so predicated on the run, you need to have more confidence in your backup. He likely could yield a fifth-round pick to right team like the Colts or the Jets.

Why Not: He is still young, fast and strong. Brown is a unique talent and was a steal in last year's draft. I am not sure he is worth giving up on so soon.

Do you have an suggestions on who the Eagles should trade for or away? Give BGN suggestions and reasons why, and the best responses will be featured in our trade deadline special in Week 8.

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