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What do you hate most about the Dallas Cowboys?

Lots of things to choose from!

This guy.
This guy.
Wesley Hitt

It's that time of year. Dallas Week.

This week is always fun, especially when the stakes are high. The winner of Sunday's contest will gain sole possession of the division crown for the time being. Beyond the implications of the game is the intrigue of the rivalry. There's no love lost between these two teams or their fans. The passion is intense. The will to win is high. There is almost no greater feeling than an Eagles victory over Dallas.

So in the interest of getting pumped up for Sunday's game, I ask:

What do you hate most about the Dallas Cowboys?

America's Team. Friendly reminder: the Cowboys haven't won more than a WildCard game since 1995. Approaching 20 years!

Fans. Well, this is obvious. There are definitely legitimate Dallas diehard fans, such as our friends over at Blogging the Boys. But then there's... the bandwagon fan. But hey, the Cowboys are all they've got this year. The Yankees didn't even make the playoffs and Kobe Bryant is injured.

Tony Romo. Just, everything. His face. That grin.

Jerry Jones. Well, maybe not. Sure, he's annoying and delusional, but he's actually a good thing for Eagles fans. He keeps Dallas mired in mediocrity. Flash over substance.

These are only a few easy suggestions. Tell us why you hate the Cowboys in the comments.

Beat Dallas.

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