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The Linc - Michael Vick and Nick Foles: Best Friends For Life

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/16/13.

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Rob Carr

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Let's get to the links...

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What they're saying: People are weighing in on Vick-Foles, and we sort out who they've chosen - JimmyK,
While the decision to start Nick Foles or Michael Vick against the Cowboys is moot until the health status of Vick is known, that has not stopped us from opining on which guy should start, if Vick is indeed healthy. We take a look around the Internet to see what the local and national guys are saying. Note: You can click on each of the the writers' names below to read all of their articles in full.

QB battle has tightened Vick-Foles friendship - CSN Philly
Everybody is turning this into Michael Vick vs. Nick Foles. Everybody but Vick and Foles. This isn’t something that they’ve conjured up for show. It’s not something they say because it sounds good. Vick and Foles are genuinely very close, and they really do support each other as much as any two teammates and friends can. And when they say they hope the other one does well, they truly mean it.

Eagles Notebook - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
One of the reasons I’m being careful not to over-praise Foles is because you really want a good sample size before coming to a conclusion. We’ve seen players and teams have singular games where they were exceptionally good or bad. You must be careful about making too much of a performance. If a guy does it over the course of several games, that can still be flawed, but it does give you a more accurate picture.

All-22: How the Offense Operates With Foles - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
Without a quarterback who poses a true running threat and facing a defense that liked to employ a lot of zone, the Eagles still found ways to play option football and had success with packaged plays all day long at Raymond James Stadium.

In defense of Chip Kelly - Les Bowen, Daily News
If we're holding a referendum on Kelly's offensive ideas - which are why the Eagles hired him - what I see is the second team in NFL history to manage at least 1,500 passing and 1,050 rushing yards through the first six games. (The Eagles, who researched the stat, say the first was the 1954 Rams.) I also see 2,699 net yards after six games, the highest total in franchise history. I see at least 400 yards of offense in each of the first six games, something that only has been done by two other teams, the 2007 Patriots and the 1983 Chargers. The Eagles have never had a stretch of six 400-yard games in a row, at any point in any season. Ever. For those reasons, when I look at Kelly, I really don't see Steve Spurrier, or Dennis Erickson, or Butch Davis. Or Schiano, who has now lost 10 of his last 11 games.

Surprise: Birds doing just fine with deep ball - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
There's a misconception that Chip Kelly's NFL offense doesn't have much of a vertical passing element. After six games, even some Eagles don't consider their offense one that takes many shots downfield. But among the top 10 passing offenses in the NFL, only the Steelers (16.1) and the Packers (15.2) attempt a higher percentage of passes beyond 20 yards than the Eagles (14.5), according to numbers compiled by Pro Football Focus.

Vick vs. Foles: Focus on the Red Zone and the Running Game - BirdsBreakdown
When I started this blog, I practically swore to myself I’d avoid quarterback controversy posts simply because those types of stories already get enough coverage from others. But Michael Vick’s hamstring injury and Nick Foles’ quality outings in relief have stirred many fans to at least entertain the notion of using Foles more. I want to look at whether they truly differ in red zone efficiency and in affecting the run game.

Week 7 NFL Power Rankings – 2 AFC West Teams Remain Undefeated - Steve Shoup, FanSpeak
15. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week #17):
QB Nick Foles looked good Sunday, so what happens now? Chip Kelly said he's not announcing starter until he knows update on Vick's health, so that will be interesting to see that play out. If the Eagles can get a home win against the Cowboys this week, they'll be setting themselves up very nicely as their schedule is very favorable.

ReFo: Eagles @ Buccaneers, Week 6 - PFF
Fletcher Cox is the big name among the Eagles’ defensive ends and the guy they look to for the big performances, but he was joined in an excellent game this week by Cedric Thornton (+4.0). While almost all of Cox’ +5.1 grade came in pass rushing — he amassed two knockdowns and five hurries — Thornton did his work in the run game, controlling the point of attack and collapsing running lanes all game long. It’s less glamorous work, and usually sets up other defenders making the play instead of himself, but Thornton was a big reason the Bucs couldn’t get a huge amount of success on the ground outside of a couple of plays. The pair of Thornton and Cox each played 47 or more snaps on defense while the rest of the DE rotation combined to play just 48.

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