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Could the Eagles move to 12 personnel as a base offense?

Yay for two-tight end sets!!!

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The Eagles seem to have two starting quarterbacks, but according to Week 7's depth chart, they also have two starting tight ends. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer took a photo of the official depth chart on Tuesday afternoon and noticed a change at tight end. The Eagles depth chart now lists Brent Celek AND rookie Zach Ertz as co-starters on offense.

The entire summer was filled with speculation on multiple tight end sets and now it seems the depth chart reflects those personnel groupings as a base. In 12 personnel, a team has two wide receivers, two tight ends and one running back in the game. This means that both Celek and Ertz could figure into blocking, receiving or even running the football on a given play.

This look on offense is particularly strong for a balanced-attack like the Eagles have displayed in the first six weeks. They are now covered with bigger targets on passing downs and extra blockers on the run. It is really a "best of both worlds" scenario. It is for that reason that the 12 will soon fully-overtake 21 personnel (two backs, one tight end) as the base offense in the NFL.

Some may ask: Why now? Is this a Nick Foles thing? Is this a Michael Vick thing? Where is Billy McMullen? But the answer to all of those questions (except for the last one) is likely staying in Chip Kelly's head.

The most likely answer is that the Eagles were waiting for Ertz to improve his blocking and show better hands. That development has happened over the last few weeks and it will help the Eagles, whether it was the reason for the change or not. That said, against the Cowboys weak safety and linebacker units, it could be a very fun Sunday in Philadelphia.

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