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NFC East Standings Report - NFL Week 6

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The Eagles are in second place.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of week where BGN checks up on the Eagles' divisional neighbors: their NFC East rivals.

All four NFCE teams were in action this week. The Giants got an early start having played on Thursday Night Football, while the Eagles played the Bucs on Sunday afternoon. Washington at Dallas on Sunday Night Football rounded out this week's divisional action.

Here's a look at the official standings

NFC East Standings:

1) Dallas Cowboys (3-3)
2) Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)
3) Washington Redskins (1-4)
4) New York Giants (0-6)

No changes in order. Dallas owns the tie breaker over the Eagles. Both teams are 3-3 overall, 3-0 in the conference, and 2-0 in the division. The tiebreaker is strength of victory, and the Eagles have a really weak one because the combined records of the teams they've defeated is 1-15.

With WAS and NYG buried, It's a two team race.

Week 6 Breakdown

1) Cowboys

Dallas didn't look their sharpest at times but got the job done. They scored 31 points and their defense held DC's offense to 16. The Cowboys offense benefited from great special teams play, especially by return man Dwayne Harris. Harris had two big returns: a punt return TD for 86 yards and a 90 yard kickoff run. Dallas is dealing with some significant injury issues after the game, however.

Things weren't all sunshine and giggles for the winning team, however. Running back DeMarco Murray left the game with a knee strain in the second quarter and was soon joined by Demarcus Ware who suffered a quad injury. Neither player returned to the game. Dallas' running game effectively ended when Murray went out, but the Dallas defense would not be denied.

Up next: You already know. At Philadelphia on 10/20.

2) Eagles

Nick Foles stepped up in the absence of Michael Vick and had quite the game for himself, finishing with a 70% completion rate and 4 TDs (3 through the air, 1 run). Philadelphia's defensive struggles continued, allowing a rookie QB on a team averaging 11 points per game to score 20, but they did keep Bucs RB Doug Martin in check. Meanwhile, the Eagles offense is putting up historical numbers

The Eagles offense is something special. Chip Kelly is looking like a great hire. Look at these numbers

2nd team in NFL history to accumulate 1,500 passing yards & 1050 rushing yards through the first 6 games of the season

2699 total net yards - highest total in franchise history and 6th highest in NFL history through 6 games

3rd team in NFL history to pile up at least 400 yards of total offense in each of their first 6 games

First time the Eagles have ever had six straight games with at least 400 yards

Those numbers are literally historical. And to think, this is just Year 1. Chip Kelly sure has some talented players on the roster, but the truth is a number of these players aren't "his guys". Chip doesn't has an unquestioned franchise QB in place. Players like Jason Avant, Brent Celek, and Riley Cooper all hold value in their own roles but they are not ideal long term Kelly players. They can and will be upgraded upon. When you think about it, this is scary, because it means the Eagles offense has room to improve.

Up next: Beat the Cowboys.

3) Washington

Washington didn't make the jump some they were going to before the season. Robert Griffin III, rusty or not, isn't playing well enough. To make matters worse, this team can't console in having a good draft pick for being so bad. St. Louis owns their pick due to the RG3 trade. Sorry, DC sports.

Has Robert Griffin been the Robert Griffin of 2012?................absolutely not. Can we pin the four loses on his shoulders?.............absolutely not. He's getting blitzed on almost half his drop backs, and with poor play from the offensive line, and receivers who are playing hide-and-seek, it makes his job that much more difficult. Is he free of all blame?............heck no. He has been erratic with his accuracy, and his mobility is just starting to return to what it was last year.  He is the leader of this offense, and the blame still needs to partially fall on his shoulders. Turnovers, poor decisions, and questionable mechanics are major areas for improvement.

Up next: At home vs. the Bears.

4) Giants

0-6. Their season is over.

(H/T Jimmy K)

Up next: Home against the Vikings. Maybe NYG will get their win first?

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