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Eagles-Buccaneers Final Score: Nick Foles leads Philadelphia to 3-3 record with win over Tampa, 31-20

Nick Foles threw for 296 yards and scored 4 touchdowns (3 passing, 1 run) with a 133.3 QB rating in an Eagles win over the Buccaneers on Sunday.

Al Messerschmidt

The Eagles were without their starting quarterback on Sunday against the Buccaneers. Backup QB Nick Foles started in place of Michael Vick.


Eagles ball first. First play... big gain on a screen pass to LeSean McCoy. Man, he's good. Eagles move into the red zone... and a touchdown! A red zone touchdown! After a few catches set them up close, a Nick Foles running touchdown (yeah, you heard that right) gave the Eagles a score. Great (troll) call from Chip, nice run by Nick. Who said Foles couldn't run? First time the Eagles scored a touchdown on their first drive of the game. 7-0, Eagles.

Bradley Fletcher breaks up two passes on the first Bucs drive. Three and out for Tampa Bay.

Eagles get the ball back and... Shady fumbles. Weird play. McCoy flipped up in the air and hit, ball comes loose and Darrelle Revis recovers. Ugh. Originally ruled a fumble and a touchdown but the TD was called back because Revis was down. Tampa's ball. Eagles get a stop and TB settles for a FG. 7-3, Eagles.

A few stalling drives by each team rounded out the first quarter.


Bucs score a TD early in the quarter. Glennon to Vincent Jackson right over the middle of the field is good for a 24 yard score. Bradley Fletcher was off in coverage and it was an easy catch for Jackson. One might say the Eagles have problems stopping slant routes. 10-7, Bucs.

Another stalled offensive drive for the Eagles. Not looking sharp. Bucs take over after a punt.

On the injury front, Chris Polk left the game with a shoulder injury. Would not return. Patrick Chung is still visibly dealing with the shoulder injury that had been keeping him out.

Back to the game. Eagles force a Bucs punt. Now's a good time to mention Damaris hasn't looked very good on returns. Kick or punt. It's a shame because he shows talent when lining up as a wide receiver... but he just can't return.

Eagles gain some yards on several screen plays. That seems to be an area the Bucs can't contain so far. Red zone... another touchdown! 2/2 on the day. Foles to DeSean, who beat Revis in coverage. Earlier in the week, DeSean said Revis couldn't run with him. I guess he wasn't wrong here. In Nnamdi-esque fashion, Revis looked to Bucs safety Mark Barron for help after the play was over. Good throw by Foles, by the way. 14-10, Eagles.

Bucs drive. Eagles defense allows a long run on third down from... Mike Glennon. The defense is getting near Glennon, but can't finish on the pressure .A Doug Martin run puts TB close to the goal line and Glennon caps off the drive with a fade to Vincent Jackson. Cary Williams in coverage. 17-14, Bucs.


Bucs ball to start the second half. The Bucs get a big gain on a play where OLB Trent Cole was lined up in coverage. Fortunately for Philly, Bradlley Fletcher records an interception on the next play. Bad throw/decision by the Bucs rookie QB.

Eagles on offense. Jason Peters goes down but walks off on his own power. Allen Barbre in to replace Peters. Hey, a deep throw! Nick Foles airs it out deep to Riley Cooper and it's good for a TD. Cooper has been an unproductive and inefficient target to start the year, but that was a great catch. Cooper ran right by Jonathan Banks in coverage. 47 yards, longest TD pass of Foles' career. 21-17, Eagles.

A good stop by the Eagles defense gives them another possession. Nothing going on the offensive, but a Donnie Jones punt takes a great bounce to pin the Bucs deep in their own territory at the 1.

But that didn't matter. Time after time, the Bucs continue to convert on third down and drive down the field.


Bucs move into Eagles territory early in the fourth. Third down defense is still struggling. TB moves into the red zone and the Eagles finally get a stop. Settling for a FG allows the Eagles to keep a 1 point lead. 21-20, Eagles.

Eagles get the ball back and.. hey, what? Another big play by Riley Cooper, this time catching the ball and running afterwards. Next play... deep pass to DeSean. Too easy. Good throw from Foles, too. Philadelphia needed that drive. 28-20, Eagles.

Bucs take over and get their first sack of the game - Connor Barwin takes Glennon down! Bucs have to punt.

Eagles take over on offense. Shady isn't having a bad day.

Eagles facing a 4th and inches in the red zone... and they go for it. Foles gets sacked, but it doesn't count! Offsides by Tampa. The Bucs jumped on a play that would make Juqua Parker proud. TB holds the Eagles to a FG, but was forced to use all their timeouts in the process. Two possession game. 31-20, Eagles.

Tampa couldn't do much with the ball and the Eagles got the ball back and took a knee for the victory.


WIN. The Eagles are now 3-3 and you can't say it doesn't feel good. Also 3-0 in the NFC and 2-0 in the NFC East.

Worst things first: the Eagles defense is simply not good, but that's nothing new. Entering this game the Bucs were averaging 11 PPG. They scored 20 today. It's not one single issue. DC Bill Davis certainly deserves blame, but the talent just isn't there. The Eagles need could use upgrades on almost every position on the defensive side of the ball. It's a work in progress.

Thankfully for Philly, the offense is awesome. Nick Foles had a great, great day: 22/31 (71%) for 296 yards, 4 TD (3 passing, 1 run) and a 133.3 QB rating. That's good stuff. It will be interesting to see how the Eagles QB situation plays out moving forward. Shady wasn't too shabby either: 116 yards on 25 carries (4.6 average).

Good win. The Eagles needed that one as they prepare to face their divisional rival, the Dallas Cowboys, at home next week.

Stay tuned to BGN for most post-game coverage.

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