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Start or Sit: NFL Week 6 Fantasy Football Guide

Josh Collacchi examines the starts and sits for this weekend's games.

Christian Petersen

It is week 6 in the NFL, and the fantasy football landscape is starting to take its place. Chances are in your league there is that juggernaut who has Peyton Manning, and is likely 4-1 or 5-0. There is also that guy who is 0-5 because his team has Kaepernick, David Wilson, CJ Spiller, Larry Fitzgerald and Dwayne Bowe. Most of you are probably in between. WIth eight weeks left, there is plenty of time to turn the season around, but each week becomes a must-win.

Without further ado, here are the starts and sits for Week 6 in fantasy football.

Keep in mind, this is not the article to be looking for if you want to know if you should start Aaron Rodgers or Calvin Johnson Jr. Start your best players in almost any scenario.



Cam Newton vs. the Vikings

Tom Brady vs. the Saints

Andrew Luck vs. the Chargers

Newton and Luck go against two of the worst pass defenses in the NFL, and will have mismatches all day long to exploit. Luck will look to throw for around 300 yards and a pair of touchdowns, as the Colts will be throwing a tad more this week due to the lack of talent in San Diego's secondary. Tom Brady will have most of his weapons back as Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola are both slated to play. When Brady has weapons, he is an absolute must start.

Running back

Doug Martin vs. the Eagles

Demarco Murray vs. the Redskins

Knowshon Moreno vs. the Jaguars

Not only do these running backs have a great matchup for the week, but all three of them should see a ton of carries. Martin has been heavily relied on since Mike Glennon took the starting job, Demarco Murray always gets his fair share of touches, and Knowshon Moreno has emerged as one of the better fantasy options at running back this season, and should see a ton of carries against the Jaguars. This year has been tough on running backs, but these three will hope to turn that around this week.

Wide Reciever

Jordy Nelson vs. the Ravens

Torrey Smith vs. the Packers

Mike Williams vs. the Eagles

Jordy Nelson and Torrey Smith have become two of the more consistent wide outs in fantasy football, and each of them will see at least seven targets. Nelson and Smith will likely be on the end of a few big plays in what promises to be a showdown between the Packers and the Ravens on Sunday. Mike Williams is not a guy everyone is looking to start every week, but this week he will line up against either Bradley Fletcher or Cary Williams. Williams is one of the better big receivers in the game, and will get plenty of red zone targets. Williams should start this week because of a good matchup against our Eagles.

Tight End

Heath Miller vs. the Jets

Antonio Gates vs. the Colts

Rob Gronkowski vs. the Saints

Heath Miller has been a staple for Ben Roethlisberger in his career, and with the Jets front seven, Ben will have to look to his intermediate routes all day long. Miller should have at least 5 catches and will be one of the better tight ends this week. Antonio Gates has been a stud all season long, and it will continue against the Colts. There are still not many linebackers in the NFL who can cove Gates, and that makes him a must-start tight end. Finally, the man is back. I know many of you did what I did and drafted Gronkowski and waited for this moment. Rob Gronkowski is back and is a lock to be one of the best pass catchers in football when healthy. Get him into your lineups, and do not take him out until the Patriots bye.


New York Jets vs. the Steelers

Kansas City vs. the Raiders

The Jets look to be for real, and that defense has been spectacular. Start them this week as they are almost guaranteed to get multiple sacks. The Chiefs defense should start in every league for any owner, if you do not believe in them yet, you should. That defense is for real.



Matthew Stafford vs. the Browns

Terrelle Pryor vs. the Chiefs

Russell Wilson vs. the Titans

Stafford without Calvin Johnson is a completely different player, and the Browns defense is no joke. Even if Megatron plays, he will be covered by Joe Haden who has been lock down all season long. Terrelle Pryor has been great this season, and is really starting to look like an NFL starting quarterback. Esteemed talent evaluator Bill Polian called him the most improved player he has ever seen. But the Chiefs defense has limited Tony Romo and Michael Vick this season. Stay away from Pryor if you have a better option. Russell Wilson has a good matchup against the Titans, but the Seahawks will likely be up big from beginning to end, leaving the opportunity for fantasy points at a minimum.

Running back

Darren Sproles vs. the Patriots

Daryl Richardson vs. the Texans

Le'Veon Bell vs. the Jets

Darren Sproles is a PPR monster, but in standard leagues he is only valuable when he scores touchdowns, which is not the most common of occurrences. The Patriots will be keying in on stopping Sproles this week, so in standard leagues, sit him. Daryl Richardson has officially lost the job to Zac Stacy, and should be benched in all formats. Le'Veon has a good outlook for the rest of the season, and will be a RB2 before long. But the Jets defense is very good, and Bell may struggle to get going.

Wide Reciever

Calvin Johnson Jr. vs the Browns

Andre Johnson vs. the Rams

Justin Blackmon vs. the Broncos

Calvin Johnson should never be benched. So why is he on this list? First off, he is injured and has not practiced all week. Should he play, he might just be a decoy to open up the rest of the field for the Lions offense. In addition to that, Joe Haden is the opposing corner. Haden is one of the best in the game, and should do rather well against Megatron this weekend. Andre Johnson is still nursing a leg injury, and Matt Schaub has been struggling mightily lately. Look for Johnson to line up against Janoris Jenkins, who may allow a big play, but with Johnson hobbled, that is unlikely. Blackmon burst on the scene last week with a big game coming back from suspension. But the Broncos will try to shut him down in any way, shape or form. Last week they were burned by Dez Bryant, look for Denver to make the adjustment on Blackmon.

Tight End

Brent Celek vs. the Bucs

Vernon Davis vs. the Cardinals

Zach Miller vs. the Titans

Celek will go up against one of the better linebacking corps in the NFL, and Nick Foles will likely look to Zach Ertz more as the rookie is getting better each week. Vernon Davis is a physical specimen, and could blow up any given play. But the Niners are back to their smash mouth brand of football, and are not passing the ball nearly as much as Davis owners would like. Zach Miller has regressed to a TE3 in fantasy football, and should only be starting as a bye week replacement. If he does not catch a touchdown, he is fantasy irrelevant.


Green Bay vs. the Ravens

Baltimore vs. the Packers

The Packers and Ravens face off against each other this week, and it has the makings of a shootout. Not what fantasy owners want to hear when they need to start a defense. Look to the waiver wire for other opportunities.

Good luck this week, and join me on Sunday's for a live fantasy thread where I will answer your questions from 11 to Noon EST.

Any other questions, ask me on Twitter @PFF_JCollacchi.

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