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Which Tampa Bay Buccaneers players would Eagles fans take?

The TB Buccaneers may be winless but they still have some talent on their team. Who would you take?

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On Wednesday at Bucs Nation, Sander Philipse asked Buccaneers fans "Which Eagles player would Bucs fans add?" Sander mentioned LeSean McCoy, Trent Cole, and Brent Celek as three targets. A number of fans in the comments agreed with these picks. Interestingly enough, some also said they would take Eagles coach Chip Kelly. Kelly had flirted with the possibility of coaching the Bucs in 2012 before returning to Oregon.

Turn the tables. Now, it's time for Eagles fans to pick a player from the Buccaneers' roster. The Bucs may be winless, but there is definitely legitimate talent in Tampa. TB's defense is among the best in the NFL: they have allowed only 70 points through 4 games.

While the Bucs have a talented defense, the Eagles certainly do not. It only makes sense then that Eagles fans would pick a defensive player. Considering there are a number of good options to choose from, it's only right for me to suggest the most obvious one: Darrelle Revis. PHI could certainly upgrade in the secondary and Revis makes a lot of sense. He's very talented; easily among the best cornerbacks in the league, if not the best. Adding Revis would be a significant upgrade over current Eagles starting CB Cary Williams.

Other prominent names on TB's defense include: Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim and Mason Foster, among others.

On offense, the Bucs sport some taller wide receivers. One of those players is 6'5" Vincent Jackson, formerly of the San Diego Chargers. Philly needs more help on defense, but a Jackson-Jackson starting WR duo would be too good to pass up. V-Jax and D-Jacc! Vincent would be a big upgrade over Riley Cooper.

The Eagles travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers at 1 PM EST on Sunday.

My pick is Revis. Which Bucs player would you take?

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