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Eagles could be on "Hard Knocks" next year if they don't continue to produce wins

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last few days you may have heard about the NFL's new agreement with cable giant HBO. The new deal between the league and the company that produces "Hard Knocks" includes a provision that would put several NFL teams in jeopardy of having to involuntarily be the subject of the show's documentary. The league would prefer a volunteer, but if no teams steps up, a group of teams that fail to meet certain guidelines would be picked from to star in the show.

The teams that would be considered would be those who have missed the playoffs over the prior two seasons and did not have a new coach heading into the possible selection. This would mean that if the Eagles were to miss the playoffs this season, they would be eligible for the selection process. With the amount of secrecy that Chip Kelly and his staff perform under, you can probably see why their involvement in "Hard Knocks" would be an issue.

While a good portion of the fanbase would surely love to see LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson on a weekly documentary series, it may not be what is best for the team or our view of players. From Antonio Cromartie's multiple children by multiple women to Chad Johnson's use of language, the HBO crews have sometimes showed us a bit too much about players. In other cases, the show as been boring and uneventful. Is that really the way you want to think about your team?

Simply put, the Eagles need to win to avoid this possible disaster in the making. While Marvin Lewis had final say on editing this past season, having camera crews constantly around your team is a serious distraction. So if you were not rooting for a playoff berth before, now might be the time to get out of the ol' pompoms.

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