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Michael Vick is on pace for 5,200 total yards, 28 total TDs, and 8 INTs

Through 4 games, the Eagles starting quarterback is on pace for an interesting season.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Through 4 games of the 2013 NFL season, Michael Vick has put up some interesting numbers. Playing in Chip Kelly's offense certainly hasn't hurt his performance.

Here's what a projection of Vick's current stats look like projected through a 16 game season.

16 games

Career high: 16 (2006)

Much is made of Vick's inability to stay healthy, and this number can obviously change at any given moment. It would be remiss to say he hasn't done a better of protecting himself, though. Vick has seemed to run out of bounds and go down on his own more than ever. It's still a concern, but so far, so good.

4320 yards

Career high: 3303 (2011)

If Vick finishes with this many yards it would be the 56th greatest single season passing in terms of yards. It would also be the most yards ever thrown by an Eagles QB in one season. Donovan McNabb currently holds that record with 3,916 in 2008 (130 best overall).

20 Passing TDs

Career high: 21 (2010)

This number is lower than it ideally should be thanks to the Eagles' red zone failures, along with turnovers. Even so, it would be tied for Vick's second best TDs thrown in a season.

8 INTs

Career high: 14 (2011), Career low: 6 (2010) - [Qualifier: At least 10 games started.]

Prior to 2013, Vick had thrown 82 interceptions in 10 years. Considering that, he's not too far off from his 8.2 average per season.

472 attempts

Career high: 423 (2011)

Vick would have thrown the ball 50 more times in a year than he ever has if he finishes at this pace.

260 completions

Career high: 253 (2011)

This isn't number too different, especially when you consider the 2011 number would be higher if he didn't miss 3 games.

55.1 completion percentage

Career high: 62.6 (2010)

Vick's completion percentage could certainly use a boost. He currently ranks 31 out of 34 QBs in this category.

104 rushing attempts

Career high: 123 (2006)

It's been since 2010 that Vick has rushed over 100 attempts.

912 rushing yards

Career high: 1039 (2006)

Can you imagine Vick finishing the year with the second most rushing yards he's ever had in a season?

8 Rushing TDs

Career high: 9 (2010)

Vick is still a threat to score on the ground.

12 fumbles

Career high: 16 (2004)

Fumbles are still an issue.


Total Vick's projected passing/running yards together and you get 5232 yards of total offense. Passing/rushing TDs combined? 28.

Only time will tell if Vick will be able to keep up his impressive pace in certain areas. Other numbers, like completion percentage, need to improve. Staying healthy first would be a good start.

While Vick certainly has room for improvement, he is not majorly at fault for the Eagles' 1-3 record to start the season.

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