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NFL Power Rankings 2013: Eagles Week 5 Roundup

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Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today at the site I released my Week 5 NFL Power Rankings. But for some people, that's not enough, and what is only one opinion worth?

So here is a round up of how various media outlets have ranked your Philadelphia Eagles. Let's start by revisiting mine:

24) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 20) - Annihilated by Denver. The offense is on a (good) historical pace, but unfortunately so is the defense (bad). If the season ended today, the Eagles would be picking 5th in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Next, here's how a number of SBN bloggers ranked the Birds.

Ryan Van Bibber, SB Nation NFL

25. Philadelphia Eagles

So Philadelphia's defense was no match for Peyton Manning and a loaded Broncos offense. No surprise there. Also no surprise, Michael Vick might not be the best fit for Chip Kelly's offense

Tim Lynch, Mile High Report

26) Chip Kelly didn't have to play in the parking lot, but that's only because Peyton Manning and the Broncos ran him out of the stadium. My gut feeling about the Eagles players is that they are on the verge of giving up the season already. Mental toughness isn't their strong suit and one more tough defeat the rug could be completely pulled out from under this team. As bad as I think the Giants are, I think they might just be desperate enough to beat the Eagles next week at home. We'll see...

Sam Spiegelman, Big Blue View

24. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3): Nobody had very high expectations for this defense, and Peyton Manning showed us why. (LW: 20)

Tyler Drenon, Behind the Steel Curtain

23. Well their defense just isn't very good, is it? But they average 6.1 YPC and their upcoming schedule (@NYG, @TB, DAL, NYG, @OAK) is pretty soft. They could rip off a few in a row.

C Deveau, Revenge of the Birds

25: Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) Last Week's Ranking: 18

Chip Kelly may have an offense that puts points on the board, but he has a defense that allows even more points to be scored. That's an equation for a long season.

Now for some national rankings outside of SB Nation:

Pat Kirwan, CBS

22. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles offense is interesting but not intimidating and the defense is a liability. Denver just put a club-record 52 points on them. Peyton Manning scored on all five trips to the red zone against the Eagles.

Pete Prisco, CBS

25. So much for that offense setting the league on fire. It's hard to do when the defense is so bad.

Frank Schwab, Yahoo

25. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3, LW: 20)
The problem isn't that the Broncos torched that bad defense. It's that the offense hasn't done much for two weeks in a row.


27) In each game after Week 1, Michael Vick's completion percentage on throws 5 yards or fewer has gone down. Short throws are a staple of Chip Kelly's offense.


Analysis: The rankings range from 22 to 27, with most of them falling in-between around 24 or 25. Fair. The Eagles defense really is a problem, but their offense makes them better than some other 1-3 teams.

Although the Eagles have dropped 3 straight weeks, they could be on a rebound with some winnable games coming up. Conversely, losing to teams like the Giants and Buccaneers could drop Philly down to the very bottom.

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