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The Linc - Eagles' Historical Offensive Pace

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Philadelphia Eagles links for 10/1/2013.

Dustin Bradford

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Let's get to the links:

The Eagles have a historically potent offense, but it's not leading to points: A deep dive statistical look - JimmyK,
The Eagles offense needs to be better in the red zone. They also have to cut down on penalties and fumbles. Those are the things the offense can control, and while red zone inefficiency is a more complex fix, the penalties and the fumbling are correctable. What the Eagles’ offense can’t control is field position, and opposing offenses consistently sustaining long drives. If the offense can get a smidge of help from the defense and special teams, they’ll put up more points, and in turn… more wins.

Let's Talk Offense - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Kelly feels like the offense is close. He sees the Eagles problems as mostly self-inflicted. If they can just clean things up, the points will come. I understand where he’s coming from, but I’m not sure I totally agree. This isn’t college where you have young guys making mistakes. You have seasoned veterans like Vick, Celek and Herremans making mistakes. Can you fix those guys? Maybe. Maybe not. Kelly will sure try.

Domo's Day-After Dissection: Eagles-Broncos - Paul Domowitch, Eagletarian
--The Eagles are second in the league in total offense, averaging 458.8 yards per game. But they’re only 11th in scoring. The main reason: red zone ineptness. They were 2-for-5 in the red zone against the Broncos and have converted just 5 of 12 red-zone opportunities into touchdown in the first four games. Their 41.7 percent conversion rate inside the 20 is lower than last year’s (44 percent). Mike Vick completed just 1 of 5 attempts inside the 20 Sunday and is 3-for-15 in the first four games.

What's your confidence level in Chip Kelly? - Gonzo, CSN Philly
This is when the questions begin, and there are lots of them. In the days that follow, Kelly will be asked about his quarterback and his commitment to Michael Vick – not because Vick is the problem, but because changing the quarterback tends to happen on teams that don’t perform. He will be asked about his defense, which has been shredded all season with the same amount of effort required to tear tissue paper. He will be asked whether he can correct what has malfunctioned. He will be asked, essentially, whether he can coach a sick and wheezing team back to some form of health.

Eagle Eye In The Sky: Giant Struggles - Fran Duffy,
When you lose by 32 points, it’s always going to be tough the next day to draw on some positives. That being said, there were some good plays on both sides of the football. The offense moved the ball well, and not turning the ball over is a huge step after last Thursday’s performance against Kansas City, there were positives to take from that unit. Defensively, yes, when you go up against one of the all-time greats who is playing at an extremely high level, you’re going to take some lumps, regardless of who you are. Four teams have tried to stop Peyton Manning so far in 2013, and all four have come up short. Despite that, you could see a lot of players playing with urgency and battling throughout the game regardless of the score. There were positives to take from that unit as well. analyst names Chip Kelly a top candidate for USC job - Andrew Kulp, The700Level
Not Gil Brandt's best piece.

Eagles Defenders Were Yelling ‘Papa John’s’ At Peyton Manning - CBS Philly
Eagles players were heard yelling ‘Papa John’s," prior to Manning snapping the ball during the Broncos 52-20 win. Manning is featured in Papa John’s commercials, and owns several franchise locations of the pizza delivery restaurant.

Josh Freeman says he has ADHD, entered drug program voluntarily - Sander Philipse, Bucs Nation
Bucs Nation is doing a great job of covering this bizarre Freeman-Bucs storyline. Check them out.

Kickoff for Raiders vs Chargers Moved to 11:35 PM EST -
Just a PSA. That's awfully late for a SNF game!

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