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Eagles coaching rumors: Lovie Smith to interview Thursday

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The Eagles announced today that they have scheduled an interview with former Bears head coach Lovie Smith on Thursday for their vacant head coaching position.

Smith was fired by the Bears a week ago after completing a 10-6 season (in which he lost his QB), but failing to reach the playoffs. He compiled an 81-63 over 9 seasons with the Bears, but only made the made the playoffs 3 times in that stretch. He did a reach a Super Bowl in 2006 and an NFC Championship game in 2010.

You probably know Lovie's story. He was a successful defensive coordinator for the Rams from 2001-03, making it to a Super Bowl and transforming one of the league's worst defenses into one of the best.

He cut his teeth in Tampa Bay under Tony Dungy, where he learned the "Tampa 2" defense he's known for.

Smith's time with the Bears has been marked by very good defenses & special teams, inconsistent offense and pretty awful quarterback luck.

He's obviously a very qualified candidate who has a ton of experience and that players love. How you view depends on a lot on whether you thought he deserved to be fired from the Bears and whether you think he could be more successful in a new stop.

He's not unlike Andy Reid in that sense. He did wear his welcome here, but would anyone be shocked to see him do well with a fresh start in KC? Not me. I can certainly see Lovie the same way.

Still, let's not mix words with what Lovie is. A good defensive coach who had relatively successful reign as a head coach, but in the end could never really get the other side of the ball fix or win the big game.

Either way, Lovie is the kind of guy they should be talking to in the course of this search. Not only is he perfectly qualified to be a head coach, he'd be a good guy to have a relationship with if they find themselves in need of a strong defensive coordinator. Smith has interviewed for other jobs and could very well be a head coach next year, but if not he'd be a sought after coordinator.

Plus, I think it puts to rest any notion that they're ultra focused on offense here. Lovie will be the 3rd defensive guy they will have met with so far (Nolan & Bradley the others).

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