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Philadelphia Eagles coaching rumors: Jaws says Jon Gruden is interested

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The Eagles have received permission to interview Jay Gruden this week, but it may be his more famous and successful older brother that wants the job.

Ron Jaworski, who used to work in the Monday Night Football booth with Jon Gruden, says he's spoke with the Super Bowl winning coach and he would be interested in the Eagles head coaching job. However, Jaws said that so far the Eagles haven't reached out to him.

Back in November, Gruden's agent said that he was "committed to ESPN," with the obvious implication being that he wasn't interested in returning to coaching. However, his agent said that in response to AD at Tennessee, who was doing due diligence on him as a potential coach of the Vols.

Does that mean Gruden doesn't want an NFL gig either? At least according to Jaws, he would be interested.

Question is, should the interest be mutual?

We know Gruden's resume. He helped coach the Oakland Raiders into a Super Bowl contender, then went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won one with them. It was mostly diminishing returns from that point on, but the guy still has a .540 winning percentage as a coach and is 5-4 in the playoffs.

He's got the proven track record that none of the other candidates have, but he does he have their upside? Is he still hungry like those guys might be? Gruden hasn't been entirely away from the game, but he hasn't been in the trenches like a Mike McCoy or Gus Bradley have been.

I think he would be a popular hire, but I question whether he'd ultimately be a smart hire. That said, given the choice between Grudens? Give me Jon.

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