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Sites news and more 2012 user stats


First, I wanted to point out and get some reaction to a few tweaks we've made to the site layout. Basically, everything we did came from the feedback you guys gave us.

First and foremost, we've repositioned the fanposts & fanshots to the right side and up as high as they were on the old site. I can also now promote fanposts (and add photos to them) to the top of the page. We've also added links to them on the top nav banner, which is on every page.

Also, one of the major complaints was how the stories below our "cover" were zig-zagged and made it more difficult to scan. No more. It's a straight line now.

Also, they've given us the option to have smaller lead story photos that take up less room. I'm using that layout right now, but I can still also use all the other layouts you've seen on the site as well. I'm just interested in what people think of the smaller ones.

Onto the year end user stats. Our pal One.Cool.Customer posted some of these recently, but I was able to get my hands on some more official numbers from the SBN mothership.

Awards for Bleeding Green Nation

Most FanPosts

Eagladelphia 62

MightyJoeBanner 50

wild_eagle 25

MidwesternEaglesfan 25

Joe_D 25

starship 007 24

Snax 23

milroyigglesfan 21

jmigsantiago 19

PecorMR 18

Most FanShots

Brandon Lee 427

KJ Brophy 180

JasonB 137

NJEagle 73

juggadore 43

immynimmy 39

VRFC8 38

Dave King 33

Eagladelphia 30

EaglesJake 30

Most Comments

KByars 6996

JasonB 5898

bebin 4711

AnthroEagle 4552

Brandon Lee 4368

wild_eagle 4148

BIBTD 3937

Eagladelphia 3866

Udalango 3807

Djax10 3302

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