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Chip Kelly rumors: Browns reportedly out of the running

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Chris Mortenson is reported on ESPN just moments ago that the Browns are out of the Chip Kelly sweepstakes and will be "rebooting" their coaching search without him.

"Chip Kelly will not be the next Cleveland Browns coach," he said.

That leaves the Eagles and Oregon as the two suitors left for Kelly. Reports are that Ducks sugar daddy and Nike founder Phil Knight will make a push to keep Kelly in Eugene.

Staying with the Ducks was always a major possibility for Kelly, who has a pretty great thing going up there. He's got almost limitless power at a major program that is funded by Nike. He makes a ton of money and is treated more or less like a hero up there.

The NFL would represent a new challenge for Kelly, but a much riskier one than at Oregon. He could probably stay head coach there for life. That's not so in the big leagues. That said, even if he flopped in the NFL, he could still probably have his pick of any number of top college jobs.

So the fans of the Ducks and Eagles now play the waiting game....

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