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Doug Marrone hired by Bills

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The Eagles options at head coach have narrowed a bit with the news this morning that Doug Marrone has left Syracuse to become the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. The Eagles were set to interview Marrone today.

Marrone never seemed like a top choice, but the fact that they were going to interview him means they were pretty serious about his candidacy. The team will now meet with Denver's Mike McCoy today and continue waiting for Chip Kelly's decision.

An interesting side note to this is that there are reports out that the Browns had Marrone "neck & neck" with Chip Kelly. That's probably not actually true, but it's very possible that its something they put out there to pressure Kelly. Either way, if he picks the Eagles, the Browns will look like they moved on to 3rd or 4th choices.

So the stakes in the Chip Kelly game just got raised even higher for them.

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