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Chip Kelly rumors: Eagles Meet with Kelly for 9 hours

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Doug Pensinger

There can no longer be any doubt that the Eagles are very interested in Chip Kelly as their next head coach. According to reports, the Eagles and Kelly just finished their interview... which lasted NINE HOURS.

According to Mike Garafolo, the sides aren't done speaking.

Reports hit the internet yesterday that Kelly had met with the Browns for 7 hours and that Kelly was "close" to a deal. While it may be that Kelly still ends up in Cleveland, quite clearly he was not "close" to a deal.

Kelly also apparently met with the Bills last night, but no reports suggested that the talks were as long or serious as they were with Cleveland or Philadelphia. Of course, other reports say he won't talk to them until Sunday... Clearly the reporting on this whole thing is spotty.

But we do know that the Eagles and Kelly did meet for 9 hours and the meeting is over.

Quite clearly, this is 100% the Banner vs Lurie smackdown that was predicted. Banner & Kelly were reportedly scheduled to have dinner (or maybe a phone call?) after his meeting with the Eagles tonight. But it would appear that Jeff messed that up..

Chip Kelly is the top target for each team and they're both all in.

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