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Chip Kelly Rumors: Ducks HC will meet with Eagles & Bills

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Much like Andy Reid was about to sign on as coach of the Arizona Cardinals, reports this afternoon suggested that Chip Kelly was "very close" to becoming head coach of the Browns.

Not just close folks, very close.

He is so close to becoming head coach of the Browns that he's taking interviews with other teams.

Oregon coach Chip Kelly and the Cleveland Browns wrapped up seven hours of meetings Friday that were characterized as "very positive," though Kelly informed the Browns that he would proceed to interview with the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles, according to team and league sources.

Kelly may very well end up as head coach of the Browns, but like so many of the breathless reports on coaching rumors we've seen recently, the idea that Kelly had one foot in Cleveland seems a little premature. If that really was the case, presumably Kelly would have canceled his other interviews, much like Andy Reid did after he met with the Chiefs.

Instead, according to Chris Mortenson, he will meet with the Eagles and Bills and go back to the Browns Saturday night to work on a contract if they are indeed his choice.

Now it's up to the Eagles, if Kelly is indeed their man, to convince him that Philadelphia is a more attractive destination than Cleveland.

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