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Andy Reid reaches 5 year deal with Kansas City Chiefs

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Multiple sources are reporting that Andy Reid has reached an agreement to become head coach of the Chiefs. The contract is said to be 5 years.

Reid is likely to have significant power in Kansas City following the news that the team fired GM Scott Pioli earlier today. Reid had final say here in Philadelphia and likely wasn't interested in working under Pioli, whose track record in KC has been spotty at best.

Several reports suggest that Reid has started the process of getting the old gang back together. He will bring QB coach Doug Pederson from Philadelphia, will reportedly hire his ex-QB coach Pat Shurmur as offensive coordinator, has an open offer to Juan Castillo to coach the offensive line and rumors suggest he may be looking to bring in Dick Jauron as his defensive coordinator.

Finally, it's been widely speculated that he'll want to hire his old #2 Tom Heckert, who was just fired from the GM job in Cleveland.

The Chiefs are expected to make the hire official later today. The Eagles will be hosting the Chiefs at the Linc next season.