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Super Bowl 2013: Who to root for?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we discussed yesterday, most of us don't really care about the gobs of coverage leading up to the Super Bowl, but we're all obviously still going to watch the game. So if we are going to watch it, we've got to root for someone right?

So what's an Eagles fan to do? Should you root for the 49ers or Ravens? Here's a few reasons why you might go one way or the other.

The Ravens

If you're an Eagles fan looking for Eagles relevant reasons to root for a team, I would say that Baltimore is probably a pretty easy pick. Their coach, John Harbaugh, was an Eagles assistant for a decade and a guy we all like. Juan Castillo, who was royally screwed by Andy Reid this year is part of the Baltimore staff and could actually go from being fired to getting a Super Bowl ring in the same season. I'd love to see Juan get a ring.

There's also local connections with players. Joe Flacco is a South Jersey guy who grew up as an Eagles fan. Of course, all you would have to do is listen to the guy talk and you'd know this. He seriously sounds like the guy who lives down the street from you. He's got a pretty heavy South Jersey/Philly accent. Hey youse guys wanna go down the shore and jump in the wudder?!

Having said all that, Sean Considine is on the Ravens roster. Do you want to live in a world where Sean Considine has a Super Bowl ring and Brian Dawkins does not?

The 49ers

While the Eagles have no discernible rivalry with the Ravens, the 49ers are not one of our favorite teams. Our dislike of them isn't to the level of any NFC East teams and at least for me still rank behind the likes of the Falcons, Bears & Bucs as far as non division dislikes... But I still feel a bit of rivalry with them.

We don't exactly like their fans either.

Of course, it probably doesn't matter what jersey they would have been wearing... That said, they're lucky this happened in Philadelphia. Eagles fans use snowballs, 49ers fans use knives.

That said, I do really love the way they play. If there's a model for what Chip Kelly would probably love to do in the NFL, it's the 49ers. Great, attacking 3-4 defense. Run first offense that mixes in some spread and read option concepts... They're fun to watch and a team that frankly I'd love to see here.

As for ex-Eagles, David Akers has survived on the 49ers roster despite his terrible season. I think he's a guy that pretty much all Eagles fans still hold in high regard and I think it's safe to say we'd all be happy to see him get a ring.

There's reasons to root for either team as an Eagles fan. So which way will you go?

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