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The Linc - Alex Smith, Michael Vick... Eagles QBs?


Alex Smith and the Eagles: perfect together?
Alex Smith once met Chip Kelly. Roll out the green carpet. Cue up the press conference. Stitch his surname on the back of a No. 11 Eagles jersey. Smith is coming to Philly. While that may be the preference for some fans - and could very well be the end result - there is no proof that Kelly has such desires. And even if the new Eagles coach coveted Smith, it's a long way from being remotely possible.

The Eagles should give Michael Vick one more shot | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
If the Eagles still have designs on winning sooner rather than later – the way Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman talked after saying goodbye to Andy Reid makes it sound as though they do – then Vick remains their best option. Even if his skills have eroded (and they have), he still has a monster arm and he’s still faster on his worst day than Nick Foles is on his best. (That touchdown run against the Bucs was fantastic, if only because Foles had the courtesy to do it in super slow-motion so you didn’t have to trouble your DVR.)

Ron Jaworski says Super Bowl XV loss to Raiders hurts even more now - Silver And Black Pride
The Super Bowl is in the Super Dome in New Orleans this year which was the site of the Raiders beat the Eagles 27-10 to win their second Super Bowl. The memory of that game haunts former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski to this day.

Who's been doing the best job of drafting? | National Football Post
Tony Villioti of shows that perception is sometimes different than reality

Chip Kelly forming initial NFL staff differently from Greg Schiano
Time will tell if Chip Kelly's plan to transition from college football to the NFL will work, but one thing already is clear. He's starting off much differently than the last coach to make the jump. When Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano made the move from Rutgers last season, he surrounded himself with familiar faces from the Scarlet Knights staff. Kelly, on the other hand, has been searching far and wide to fill his coaching staff and has brought only one on-field coach from Oregon - defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " The Trent Cole Mystery
Cole had the worst year of his career. He finished with just 3 sacks, despite starting all 16 games. There was a calf injury back in the summer, but that wasn’t severe enough to bother him all year. I asked around on Cole and a few people said he just wasn’t himself in 2012. Some feel that Jim Washburn was the main problem. For some reason, he and Trent never saw eye to eye. It is also possible that Trent just started to slip due to age. He turned 30 in October. Trent is one of the toughest, hardest-working players the Eagles have ever had, but no one escapes Father Time.

The real LeSean McCoy exposed on social media
You may feel that this whole thing is nobody's business and so shouldn't be the subject of a column. I would counter that it's the subject of a column only because McCoy inflicted his ugly personal business on the rest of us. When a college football player was very nice to a woman who didn't exist, it became the biggest story in the country. When a professional football player behaved atrociously toward a real woman, the story barely made it onto the radar. What is the message there? Is Manti Te'o's imaginary dead girlfriend more worthy of our attention than the very real woman McCoy humiliated?

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