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Do you care about the Super Bowl?

It may be the biggest sporting event of the year, but if your team isn't in it, is the build up all that interesting?

Scott Halleran

I suppose I should make the question in the headline a little more clear. Presumably we will care about watching the actual Super Bowl. I don't think I've ever missed one and if TV ratings tell us anything, I doubt many of you have either.

My question is more about the coverage leading up to the Super Bowl. When your team isn't in it... how much do you care? For me, the answer is very little. We already know everything there is to know about the team, so there's nothing really new to discuss. There's the same old circus of media day, but again, nothing really new there.

I get why the hype exists. It's going to be the biggest TV show of the year so clearly there's a build up, but how interested is the BGN community in hearing about it? I've seen a lot of my SBNation colleagues whose teams aren't in it doing updates on the Super Bowl and it led me to wonder whether I'm alone here?

Are you interested in more Super Bowl coverage? Is this matchup something you want to hear more about?

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