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Peyton Manning: Mike McCoy is ready to be a head coach

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Byron Hetzler-US PRESSWIRE

The Eagles are set to interview Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy for their vacant head coaching position on Sunday. We've already poured over his qualifications & resume and we liked them.

So what's the next step in the hiring process? Check the references of course! Mike McCoy's reference comes from one his current employees by the name of Peyton Manning.

"I think he is ready (to become a head coach)," Manning said. "He has paid his dues. Mike is a good leader. He has had some good coaches that have been mentors to him, different coaches that he has worked with in his years in the NFL that I think he has incorporated some of their leadership philosophies in his own philosophy. Like I said, he is a strong leader. In my opinion, he deserves a shot at one of these head coaching jobs."

Manning says McCoy has been invaluable to him as he transitioned from the only offense he's ever known to something new.

"For me, I knew it was going to take some time with any coach because I had been in one system and really kind of had one coach for the majority of my career. Mike has been a great resource for me. He has been incredibly supportive and patient with me in putting together this hybrid offense. As soon as I signed here, he's a worker now. He's a guy, we spent a lot of hours together, early mornings, late nights trying to get our plan in place for what kind of offense we were going to be. There is no substitute for a work ethic and Mike certainly has that. The more time we spent together, there is certainly a bond there with the quarterback and the guy calling the plays. Mike has been a big help for me. He's been a really big resource for me."

It's a pretty strong endorsement from the future hall of famer.

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