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The Linc - Just how raw is Ezekiel Ansah?


'Raw' Ansah has plenty of talent | National Football Post
Ezekiel Ansah is so new to football that the term "raw" is thrown around routinely when he is talked about. But Ansah, a Ghana native who has only been playing football for three years since walking on at Brigham Young University, is also drawing some comparisons to New York Giants star Jason Pierre-Paul. That's because at 6-6, 270, Ansah has the type of physical skills and speed that cannot be taught, much like Pierre-Paul or Jevon Kearse.

2013 NFL Compensatory Pick Projections – Blogging the bEast
Can the Eagles expect a comp pick for losing... Steve Smith?

Senior Bowl 2013: Alabama's Michael Williams wants to do it all -
Most draft prognosticators have written off the Tide tight end strictly as a blocker, but his performance in the Senior Bowl may have them changing their minds.

Senior Bowl Summary - Ten Players Who Shined The Most This Week. | National Football Post
Russ Lande offers his thoughts on 10 players who had a great week of practice at the Senior Bowl.

Ten observations from Senior Bowl week | National Football Post
After spending the week at the Senior Bowl down in Mobile, here are ten observations I took back with me to Chicago. My notes on the quarterbacks, the talent at the offensive tackle position, wide receivers, the best barbeque in town and more.

So You Wanna Be A Scout? | The Scouts Notebook
Tommy Lawlor talks about some things you might want to do if you want to be a scout one day.

President Barack Obama not sure he'd allow a son to play football - ESPN
Obama says he worries more about college players than those in the NFL because the pros have a union, are well-paid and are grown men. "They can make some of these decisions on their own, and most of them are well-compensated for the violence they do to their bodies," Obama said of NFL players. "You read some of these stories about college players who undergo some of these same problems with concussions and so forth and then have nothing to fall back on. That's something that I'd like to see the NCAA think about."

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