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Mel Kiper regrades the 2012 NFL draft

Al Bello

The Philadelphia Eagles 2012 draft was pretty well regarded by fans when it happened and now with a year under their belt, the class of 2012 is still looking pretty good.

Fletcher Cox looks like a burgeoning star in the middle, Mychal Kendricks faded as the year went on but still started all 16 games, Brandon Boykin played a ton, Vinny Curry showed flashes, Nick Foles showed the makings of a capable NFL starter and Bryce Brown might end up as one of the biggest steals of the draft.

Mel Kiper regraded every NFL team's 2012 draft and isn't quite as high on the Eagles' haul as he initially was, but is still high on the class. His post-draft grade was A and his new grade is a B+.

SThe season went off the rails, but the Eagles got a lot of value out of the rookie class and should have high hopes for a number of players heading into the future. Fletcher Cox finished the season as a terror on the defensive line and is a lock to start at defensive tackle in 2013. But he needs to show more consistency. Mychal Kendricks was an immediate starter at linebacker and a good get at No. 46. If the Eagles didn't trade for DeMeco Ryans, it would have been Kendricks as the head-and-shoulders best linebacker on the roster. This season was essentially a redshirt year for Vinny Curry, who was inactive for most of the year. I noted during the draft that I thought that Brandon Boykin was a steal at No. 123 overall because he could be an early starter, and Boykin was giving Philly the best play among any of its corners by the end of the season. Bryce Brown we know is a steal, a low-mileage pickup in Round 7 who proved he can start in this league if needed. And I haven't even mentioned Nick Foles. Hey, we don't know if Foles will be the starter under Chip Kelly, but would you rather have, say, Brandon Weeden or Brock Osweiler based on what you've seen from Foles? Even as a good backup, he proved to have decent value. The big knock on this draft is the question of whether all these rookies see this much time for a better team. That's the main reason the grade dips.

So where are you on the Eagles class of 2012?

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