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Juan Castillo joins Baltimore Ravens


This just maybe the piece of news that solidifies who I pull for in the upcoming Super Bowl. John Harbaugh announced today that Juan Castillo has joined the Baltimore Ravens as a consultant heading into the Super Bowl and will officially take the role of Running Game Coordinator next season.

That means Juan Castillo will be there in New Orleans for the Super Bowl in two weeks and just might get himself a ring. This comes only months after Andy Reid, by his own admission, undeservedly fired him from his job as Eagles defensive coordinator. That of course came about a year after he was unexpectedly elevated to that position from offensive line coach in the wake of the lockout.

Juan got a raw deal here and there's some poetic justice that he may get the ultimate last laugh in the form of a Super Bowl ring.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Castillo has been around the Ravens for the past couple of weeks and has eve been in attendance at the game. And this is not just John Harbaugh hiring a guy he worked with for a long time here in Philadelphia. Castillo was a really good offensive line coach and there's no doubt in my mind that he'll be an asset to the Ravens.

While we're on the subject of redemption... Harbaugh also announced that Jim Caldwell, who got fired after the Colts lost Peyton Manning for a year and "sucked for Luck," will stay on as offensive coordinator next season. He got that job after Harbaugh made the decision to fire Cam Cameron when the Ravens offense was sputtering earlier this season. Caldwell, who was made to look completely ineffective and just a product of Peyton Manning, has completely turned the Ravens offense around and been a big part of this run to a Super Bowl.

Good for both of these guys.

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