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Want to be Part of Eagles Round Table Discussion? Apply Here!

Interested in being part of future Eagles round table discussion articles and having your opinion published on BGN? Good news, here's your chance. Keep reading for application details.

Rich Schultz

Time to ramp things up a notch.

BGN member Eagledelphia commented on the "All Chip Kelly Everything" round table discussion article and brought up a good point: This feature should expand to include more knowledgable readers/commenters' viewpoints. I'd been thinking about this idea before, and it's one I want to pursue. After all, though I do love Mike Kaye and Brandon Lee's contributions (they're the progenitors), more fan interaction is never a bad proposition. It's good for business -- see: readership -- too. If you're interested, feel free to reach out. Depending on the volume of responses I receive, this could either be a first come, first serve type of deal, or one where I have to vet your commenting history to determine worthiness. If you have a piece of writing -- preferably sports-related -- that's already posted on the Internet (or not, whatever), sending it to me as part of the application process will only strengthen your candidacy.

Hopefully opening up the forum to other BGN members and giving them a chance to share their Eagles opinions (and writing skills) helps evolve the round table discussion, which has received loads of positive feedback and already become quite a popular feature.

Please send all requests (and writing samples, if applicable) to me at Thanks, guys, looking forward to the submissions and next round table discussion!

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