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2013 Super Bowl: 49ers open as early favorites over Ravens


Super Bowl XLVII is set as the 49ers knocked off the Falcons and the Ravens upset the Patriots. The storylines are pretty ripe with this one as it features not only John vs Jim Harbaugh as the opposing coaches, but will also be the final game of Ray Lewis' career.

The 49ers open up as 5 point favorites, which probably won't bother the Ravens who are the first underdog by more than a touchdown to ever win both their divisional and championship round matchups.

It also sets up a matchup of the oldest of old school QBs, Joe Flacco, vs the newest of new school in Colin Kapernick. Flacco is the big, strong armed statue that every team has wanted for most of the existence of the league, while the athletic Kaepernick represents what could very well be the next step at the position.

Speaking of Joe Flacco, a local guy from South Jersey BTW, he's accomplished something pretty rare.

Joe Flacco now has 6 road playoff wins in his career. That's more than Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Bret Favre, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning. Those legends are a combined 13-29 on the road in the playoffs, while Flacco has won 6 out of 10.

But is Flacco's road playoff prowess more unlikely than the fact that Super Bowl XLVII will be Colin Kapernick's 10th career start?

So who are you pulling for? I gotta say, I love the way the 49ers play, but Terrell Suggs is more or less begging me to root for Baltimore with his post game comments.

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