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The Linc - Did lack of chemistry doom Eagles?


Roseman: Lack of chemistry decimated Eagles
Eagles GM Howie Roseman heard his players lash out about a lack of chemistry this season and promised he won't let it happen again.

Just our gut: Chip Kelly, Bill O'Brien most appealing to Eagles
WHAT FOLLOWS is based not upon somebody whispering in my ear. It is more about body language, and tone of voice, and reading between the lines, and understanding the history. It falls somewhere between an educated guess and a gut instinct.

Ranking the NFL Head Coaching Vacancies
Over the past few months, we’ve often heard or read some people’s concerns that the Eagles might not be able to attract a high caliber of coach for any number of reasons. Those range from a supposed dearth of talent on the roster to not wanting to work with general manager Howie Roseman, among others. However, we want you to rest assured that none of this is an issue.

Asomugha epitomizes Eagles' past two seasons
Nnamdi Asomugha came to the Eagles as the star of the 2011 free agent class, but the cornerback never produced and neither did the team.

No surefire way to pick the next Eagles coach
OK, QUICK: Who replaced Vince Lombardi when he left the Packers? Chuck Noll when he retired from the Steelers? Don Shula when he stepped down as Dolphins coach? Tom Landry after he was fired? Marv Levy when he left the Bills? Bill Walsh? Joe Gibbs? Marty Schottenheimer? If you can answer even half of these, you are indeed a football fanatic worthy of a free Super Bowl ticket. Not that I have one to give, but if I did, you'd be at or near the top of my list.

Andy Reid? Do your homework, Cardinals
THE SUPPOSITION is that a team quickly will hire Andy Reid as its head coach for next season. Arizona appears eager to be that team. Arizona, the team that handed the Eagles three of their more painful losses since December of 2008; the team that visits Lincoln Financial Field this year. Can't beat 'em, join 'em. Let this serve as the Cardinals' caution, then: Reid was fired Monday because he authored the most absurd season a head coach has produced in recent professional sports history.

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