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Chip Kelly: Don't expect exact Oregon offense in Philadelphia

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly continued his media tour on NFL Network this morning and the message generally stayed the with the same message he did yesterday. His philosophy is first and foremost about optimizing what you do with your personnel.

"I don't think anyone is going to put up 70 points on anyone in the NFL," said Kelly. "I think there are a lot of misconceptions about what we do. Our offense is always driven by personnel, putting our players in position to make plays and I think that is what any good coach does. You have to evaluate the personnel you have and build a scheme around them."

That said, there are things you can learn from what he did with the Ducks.

"If people think we are going to do exactly what we did in Oregon, I think they should study what we did, because every year we were different cause the personnel was different every year. It is about looking at what you have for resources and putting them in position to make plays. That is what coaching football is all about. People think I am going to take the Oregon playbook, cross off the ‘Oregon' and put ‘Philadelphia' on it, then I hope they [think] that because they are going to be defending a lot of things we aren't running."

Much of what he does will depend on who his QB is. If it's Foles, he's obviously not going to be running and zone read concepts. That said, he says he's still no where near making a decision on a quarterback.

"We have a couple under contract. I am in the process now of going through tape. Nick [Foles] and Michael [Vick], let's take a look at them and evaluate them. That is what it is at every position. So it is not different at the quarterback position as oppose to who we have on the defensive line or corner. We have to name a starting quarterback when we play Week 1. Right now it is evaluating everybody - top to bottom - on our roster and trying to figure out how they fit and what our vision is for how this thing is supposed to look."

We'll find out the decision with Vick soon enough, but we may really not know Chip's ultimate plan for QB until after the draft.

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