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Andy Reid helped bring Chip Kelly to Philadelphia

For full coverage of Chip Kelly's arrival in Philadelphia, check out our storystream.

Rich Schultz

One of our favorite moments of Chip Kelly's introductory press conference was his revelation that he'd spoken to Andy Reid during the course of this process and that the Eagles ex coach gave him a lot of positive information about the organization"

"One person that I really want to thank, in terms of advice in this whole thing, was Andy Reid and the fact that Andy reached out to me and told me about his experience here just told me what this organization's all about," said Kelly today. "There's not a classier guy."

Later, when the news broke that Chip took the job, the two exchanged messages again.

"When Andy texted me yesterday when I accepted the job, I told him that I had really, really, really big shoes to fill and in typical Andy fashion, he said, ‘Just be yourself and you'll be fine.' I want to publicly thank Andy because that really right there spoke to me about what this organization is all about."

As it turned out, Reid was a guest of PFT Live today and Mike Florio had a chance to ask him about this very exchange.

"I had an opportunity to talk to him here just a couple times within the process that he was going through and I want what's best for the Philadelphia Eagles," said Reid. "That part hasn't changed. I want those kids there and the management to have the best possible coach that they can win and they can have success. With that, Chip was one of the people that interviewed for the job. We had an opportunity to talk and I shared just what I'm sharing with you I shared with him. If they offer that job, take it."

There's no question, that is classy and speaks a lot to the kind of guy Andy is. You think Joe Banner would have given such a glowing review of his former employer? I don't. In fact, there's been some suggestions that he was basically spreading the opposite message.

So while it was certainly time for Andy the coach to go, I'll certainly miss Andy the man. Him being the guy he is is why he'll always be welcomed back here. You think people would ever greet Rich Kotite warmly here? No. But Andy Reid? I don't think there's any question.

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