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The Linc - Eagles to introduce Chip Kelly today

Christian Petersen

Philadelphia Eagles' hire of Chip Kelly could be NFL's worst ever -
The Philadelphia Eagles' hiring of Oregon coach Chip Kelly might end in disaster. NFL Network's Heath Evans discusses some of the reasons why.

Chip Kelly, 'worst ever' hire: NFL people, please study up before you dismiss -
Didn't take long at all for a NFL analyst to wade out of his depth on the subject of Chip Kelly.

Questions and Answers Surrounding Chip Kelly's Move to the Eagles - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Chip Kelly is the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. This is more exciting than it probably should be; obviously, coaches change jobs all the time. But this feels different, somehow. Kelly is the best contemporary offensive mind in America (that’s an arguable designation, but it’s certainly the argument I would make if you put a gun to my head and started asking bizarre, subjective questions about football strategy). The Eagles are an elite NFL franchise in total disarray, habitually hounded by a fan base that despises everything (including themselves). There are landmines aplenty, all in the form of questions. Here are the main ones:

The success of Chip Kelly's Oregon Ducks offense is more familiar than it seems - Grantland
A an in-depth breakdown of Chip Kelly's offense and philosophy.

What Every NFL Fan Should Know about Chip Kelly – Special Fish Report – FishDuck Oregon Ducks Football Analysis For The Casual Fan
For the fans of Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Buffalo—know that I hate this, but there are some important elements to Charles "Chip" Kelly you should

Eagles excited by potential of Kelly's offense
The Eagles are excited to use Chip Kelly's high-octane offense and think it can rejuvenate the big-play potential of their offensive weapons.

Chip Kelly gets high grades from football insiders
GLENDALE, Ariz. - Chip Kelly stood on a makeshift platform as midnight approached on Jan. 3. Serenaded by chants about his future, Kelly six years ago was a little-known offensive coordinator for an unheralded football program tucked away in Durham, N.H.

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