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Video: Chip Kelly arrives in Philadelphia

For full coverage of Chip Kelly's arrival in Philadelphia, check out our storystream.


Chip Kelly arrived at Northeast Philadelphia Airport earlier this evening to find throngs of reporters waiting to catch a glimpse and get a quote from the first new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 14 years. He did take some time to talk and CSNPhilly's cameras were there to catch it.

Kelly was asked what the Eagles convince him to come here?

"I was sold on the Eagles the first time I met them, it was just my ties to Oregon is what it was. It was a people deal. I have great players there, unbelievable coaching staff and that's what made it a tough decision. But the Eagles are the Eagles and this is the NFL."

By the thousands Eagles fans and newsmedia were literally tracking the progress of Kelly's flight as he came from Oregon to Philadelphia. Someone told Kelly this and his reaction was classic.

"I got a text on the plane that I was getting tracked like Santa Claus, which was flattering until I remembered that Philly fans booed Santa Claus, so I just hope they don't boo me! It's an exciting time and a great opportunity.

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