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Gus Bradley leaves to interview with Jaguars

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Al Messerschmidt

If Gus Bradley is going to become the next head coach of the Eagles, it's not going to happen today. Reports say he left Philadelphia this morning for a scheduled interview with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Bradley met with the Eagles for around 7 hours yesterday, but there's been no indication yet of the results of that meeting. Although, Bradley leaving for Jacksonville is certainly a sign that they weren't close to a deal.

So what does this mean? Could be a few things. Could be that Bradley just wants to explore all his options for what will be the job that probably defines his career. It could be that the Eagles aren't yet convinced he's the guy. Could be that he's not convinced about them.

It could be that he'll be back Thursday with his family and having a press conference. We really just don't yet.

As for Jacksonville, the favorite for that job was expected to be 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, who is the former college roommate of new GM David Caldwell.

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