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The Linc - Waiting for news on Gus Bradley

Eagles complete second meeting with Gus Bradley
Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley had another meeting Tuesday with the Eagles.

There Is Some High Praise for Gus Bradley around the NFL
There are endorsements, and then there are glowing endorsements. And then there is what Gus Bradley’s peers have been saying about him.

Amid a clumsy coach search, Eagles still could sign a winner
The thing is, we're just out of practice. Philadelphia went 14 years without its football team searching for a new head coach. That's long enough to forget how this whole thing works. It's also long enough for a whole different kind of urgency to build up. The Jacksonville Jaguars are looking for a new coach, too. But their fans haven't been through the Waring blender of emotions that pureed Eagles fans during Andy Reid's tenure. After 14 years of anticipation, triumph, near misses, shocking disappointment, vivid controversy, strange decisions and ultimate unraveling - Eagles fans don't just want to know who's next. They need to know. Yesterday, if possible.

East-West Shrine Game practice notes: West team, 1-15-13 – Blogging the bEast
I already have a favorite player here, at least on the West squad. That would be Nevada TE Zach Sudfeld. Big boy. 6’7, 255, and looks it. But he runs very well for his size, has good hands, and is coordinated, despite his tall frame. He has long, dark hair, which almost makes him look like a mini Dennis Kelly, only athletic.

Finally, enjoy some NFL lip reading

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