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Who is the most "dominant" Eagle?

Rob Carr
This is our final GIllette "No Debate" post of the year and this week they want to know, who is the most dominant player both on the field and in EA sports Madden NFL 13? You can chime in on their Facebook page.

As always, I like to relate this to the Eagles, but I have to admit that I'm not the best qualified. I haven't actually bought Madden in probably 3 years. I really have no idea which Eagles are really good in the game. I suspect that Michael Vick is still pretty good, since mobile QBs have always been a killer in Madden. But really, I don't have much of answer.

As for dominance on the field, I can only pick one guy off this roster who I think is actually "dominant." Sadly, he didn't even play last year. That's Jason Peters. He's really the guy that on a play by play basis is not only winning battles, but dominating his opponent.

Will he be able to be that same dominant player next season when returns from 2 achillies surgeries? That's a big question for the Eagles heading into 2013.

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