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Eagles coaching rumors: Gus Bradley interviews with Chargers, Lovie Smith next

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It appears that Gus Bradley isn't as ultra focused on the Atlanta Falcons as he claimed...

It would seem that this is very close to a playoff game to be having a job interview, but apparently he's not the only Seattle assistant cutting it close.

This does make some sense. You have to figure that by now, the game plan is done. The film has been gone over. Most of the work for preparing for the game is finished, so maybe its easier for these guys to interview now rather than earlier in the week.

NFL rules state that assistants of teams who play on wildcard weekend can interview during the following week. If you do interview a guy then, you can then have a second interview with him during the bye week before the Super Bowl.

There's still no news when or if the Eagles will interview Bradley, but if the Eagles have taught us anything during this search, it could be happening right now for all we know. No one had it that Bradley was interviewing with the Chargers last night, so we could certainly get a similar report about the Eagles after the fact.

In other news, the Chargers will host Lovie Smith today.

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