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Eagles coaching rumors: Jon Gruden is "the most obvious guy out there" according to Mike Mayock

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If it was up to media types to hire a new Eagles coach, the preferred candidate is one of their own. Monday night football host (and former Super Bowl winning coach) Jon Gruden.

He's already been endorsed by Ron Jaworski this week and is the preferred choice of Dick Vermeil (not a media guy as such, but was just serving as a commentator).

Yesterday, NFL Network's Mike Mayock was on Brian Baldinger's show on 97.5 The Fanatic and when Baldy asked who Mayock's coach would be, the two proceeded to have a Chucky lovefest.

"I would probably be inclined to agree with my buddy Dick Vermeil," said Mayock. "I think you load up the truck, and you get in it with a bunch of money and you drive down and find Jon Gruden at the fired football coaches association of America.

Brian Baldinger jumped in to say he agreed.

"Thank you. I've been saying this for 2 weeks now. Stop the search! I realize that this is probably a necessary process, but there's a guy out there that has the proven track record that everybody wants. And I don't think you can underscore this. He's sat in this production meetings and picked the brains of the best coaches and coordinators and all of the innovative ideas... and he's figuring all the trends, all his weaknesses and how to incorporate these things. I don't think there's anyone more ready to jump back in than Jon."

Mayock agreed.

"And he's also flown in some of the best coaches in college football to suck them dry of information on these spread offenses that college are using," he said. "He's had Chip Kelly in there, he's had every major spread offense guy down there watching tape til 4am then playing golf. There's no one more ready to jump in than him."

"The one thing I think he'd have a concern with," Mayock continued, "is he's probably tired of manufacturing QB play. He's going to either want a QB on his roster that he believes in or have the ability draft a franchise QB. And I think he's also intrigued with the spread offense and I don't think Michael Vick is the answer with all the injuries... and if you're going to run some zone reads and that stuff, I don't think Nick Foles is the answer either."

"I think he's ready to go, he's current on the game, he’s gonna cost you a lot of money, but if I’m the Eagles, I’m camped outside his office because I wanna have a conversation."

Mayock also talked a lot about Brian Kelly and Mike Zimmer. Check it out.

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