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Reid: Next Eagles coach needs “an ego that’s built with shoe leather"

Brian Bahr

Andy Reid was making the media rounds this week as the new head coach of the Chiefs and not surprisingly he was asked a few times about the opening for his old job. The former Eagles coach thinks coaching in Philadelphia is something any coach should like.

"You enjoy that ride right there," Reid said. "That's a great city and they're passionate. They're going to let you know what's good and what's bad. It's not going to be any different than you think."

However, he did offer some criteria for what the Eagles should be looking for in their next coach.

"You can't be sensitive. You gotta go in and you gotta be tough," Reid said. "You gotta have an ego that's built with shoe leather where you can keep yourself intact and go play and coach."

"They're set up now. It's a nice set up and Jeffrey Lurie is a good man. I just think it would be a great situation."

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