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BGN Writer Picks: Week 1, 2012

Howdy, friends. Since our old pal JimmyK will be pretty busy this year around gameday, I've agreed to take over an old fan favorite: the weekly BGN writer picks. Oddly enough, even though our group has a new member this year, we all still seem to think exactly alike on almost every matchup this week.

Check out the picks after the jump.

Week 1, 2012 Selections

Jason Bob Jimmy Eliot Sumith
Season Record 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
Week 1 Record 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
Colts @ Bears Chi_medium Chi_medium Chi_medium Chi_medium Chi_medium
Eagles @ Browns Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium
Rams @ Lions Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium
Dolphins @ Texans Hou_medium Hou_medium Hou_medium Hou_medium Hou_medium
Falcons @ Chiefs Atl_medium Atl_medium Kan_medium Kan_medium Atl_medium
Jaguars @ Vikings Min_medium Min_medium Min_medium Min_medium Min_medium
Redskins @ Saints Nos_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium
Bills @ Jets Buf_medium Buf_medium Nyj_medium Buf_medium Buf_medium
Patriots @ Titans Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium
Seahawks @ Cardinals Sea_medium Sea_medium Sea_medium Sea_medium Sea_medium
49ers @ Packers Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium
Panthers @ Bucs
Car_medium Car_medium Tam_medium Car_medium Car_medium
Steelers @ Broncos Den_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium Den_medium Den_medium
Bengals @ Ravens Bal_medium Bal_medium Bal_medium Bal_medium Bal_medium
Chargers @ Raiders Oak_medium Sdc_medium Oak_medium Sdc_medium Oak_medium

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