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The Linc - David Sims, The Garbage Picking Safety Playing Philadelphia Phenomenon

David Sims... NOT PICTURED.
David Sims... NOT PICTURED.

Sims: From garbage man to Eagles safety
David Sims' career appeared mapped out in high school. Then he found himself picking up trash. Now finds himself trying to make it with the Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles RB Chris Polk Thought He Was a Goner - Birds 24/7
When Chris Polk saw the number on his phone, he figured his time in Philadelphia was up.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Looking Back to the 2011 Opener
I’m pretty confident the Eagles will beat the Cleveland Browns. That said, winning and playing well are two very different things. That got me to thinking about last year’s opener. I remember the highlights of the game, but not the nuances. I decided to look up the game and see if there were some warning signs that should have hinted a slow start was definitely possible.

Brian Dawkins set to join ESPN
Former Eagles Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins will join ESPN as an NFL analyst, the network will officially announce Wednesday. Dawkins, a nine-time Pro Bowler who was a fan favorite with the Eagles, will appear on studio programs throughout the year such as SportsCenter, NFL Live, Audibles and NFL32. He makes his debut on Sept. 13 at 7 p.m., when he will appear alongside former NFL standouts Jerry Rice, Keyshawn Johnson and Marcellus Wiley on Audibles.

America Loves Football Even More Than You Realize - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
It's no secret that Americans love their football. TV ratings will tell you that the NFL is easily the most popular sport. However, a recent Harris poll released by the NFL will still probably surprise you and football's lead is growing.

Can Philadelphia's team of stars finally prove to be super? Dennis Manoloff's Scouting Report |
This summer, there was no talk in Philadelphia of a dream team -- just a quiet confidence.

NFC East Season Preview: Overview, Analysis, Predictions For 2012 Season - SB Nation New York
A team-by-team look at the NFC East with predictions, video and analysis

Around the Pound: Haden's Suspension, Fujita's Week 1 Status - Dawgs By Nature
The latest word on whether CB Joe Haden will be suspended Week 1, whether LB Scott Fujita has any chance of playing, and a few things going on with SB Nation.

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