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Michael Vick: "It's About Seizing The Moment"


The Eagles completed their first official practice of the regular season yesterday and afterward the topic of goals for the 2012 campaign came up.

Arguably the Eagles two most important offensive players, Michael Vick & LeSean McCoy, clearly have their goals aligned.

"It's been awhile since I played in a playoff game. In 2010, we made it and it was sort of a different season," Vick explained. "We wanted to win, and it was just like it suddenly happened and we were in the playoffs. I don't think we took it for granted, and we just didn't seize the moment. Now, it's all about seizing the moment - getting an opportunity and taking full advantage of it. As a team, we just want to put ourselves in a position to compete. I think that's where it all starts. Our short term goals are to be the best that we can be, week in and week out, and that's how we'll advance to the postseason."

"The biggest thing is winning the Super Bowl and bringing that type of atmosphere back to Philadelphia," said McCoy, "As far as personal goals, I'd like to get back to the Pro Bowl. I think the key is to stay consistent. Some of the better backs in this league get graded on how consistent they stay. Definitely making the Pro Bowl or [being] All-Pro again."

As I read these quotes BTW, it kind of dawned on me that these two most important offensive players barely even played in the preseason. LeSean McCoy carried the ball 9 times. Not that it necessarily matters or that they need preseason time, but in more than just the obvious way, we'll really be seeing this team for the first time on Sunday.

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