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Dallas Cowboys open a Victoria's Secret inside their stadium

Jerry Jones has never met a marketing opportunity he didn't like.

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Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

When you go to an NFL stadium you can get yourself a beer, a hot dog, maybe a team jersey. You can get giant foam finger or a cheeseteak. But what's missing?

A place to get bras and panties obviously.

So Jerry Jones, having seen this obvious hole in his product offering, has acted quickly to solve it by opening a Victoria's Secret in Cowboys stadium. So all so ladies that like to go to football games and get their underwear shopping done all at once... they're in luck!

Now, to be fair, Victoria's Secret does have a license to produce and sell NFL apparel, so its not totally nuts to sell their stuff at a stadium. And obviously the NFL has made a big push to reach out to women in recent years. Still, you have to wonder at what point it goes too far and the league is just patronizing their female fans.

Don't just come to watch a game because you actually like football ladies... come because we have a Victoria's Secret in the stadium. And hey, we'll be opening a Bed, Bath & Beyond if that's not enough!

Female football fans aren't stupid or lacking in appreciation of the game. If women want to go the mall, they'll do it. If they come to a football game, chances are that they're there to actually watch football.