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Eagles Vs Giants: Jason Babin On Eagles Vs Giants Rivalry

Jason Babin went on New York radio this week to talk about the Eagles vs Giants rivalry

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

Jason Babin went on ESPN radio in New York this week to talk all things Eagles vs Giants. He says that this is always a game he and his fellow defensive lineman look forward to since many see these two pass rushes as the best in the league.

"Everyone always compares who's the better defensive line between New York or Philly," said Babin. "So it'll come down to an interesting showdown. Everyone's gonna be watching Philly rush and watching the Giants rush and let the fans decide."

Of course the topic of the LeSean McCoy vs Osi Umenyiora feud came up, but Babin doesn't put a lot of stock into it.

"Everybody gets all worked up about trash talk but it is what it is - it's talk. ... You ask any player, honestly, if trash talk's gonna affect how hard they play, because if a little trash talk affects how hard they can play, it just lets us know that they were holding back or weren't playing harder or as hard as they could. Trash talk's what it is - it's entertainment. We're in the entertainment business, so I think it's all fun."

He also said that he doesn't hold any particular animosity toward any Giants...

"I think in that circumstance it might be different, but I know Eli, I like Eli. I don't dislike him. But when we're out there playing the game, I'm trying to take him to the turf. ... But afterwards, it's all good."

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