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Bobby April Stands Behind Damaris Johnson As Punt Returner

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When Damaris Johnson made this team coming out of training camp, it was primarily as a punt returner. His success in college excited the Eagles about what he could do in NFL, and also allowed them to not risk injury to DeSean Jackson on special teams.

But three games in, Johnson has contributed far more on offense than he has on special teams. After his fumble against Arizona killed what little momentum the Eagles had going, Bobby April was asked today if he plans on staying with Johnson.

The Special Teams coach did not waiver in his support of the rookie.

"We think Damaris is going to do a good job for us," said April. "He's made our mistakes and we paid for those. Paid our tuition, gotten out education."

Johnson has returned 6 punts this season for a total of 32 yards- with a long of only 12. Against Arizona he had a return that showed his ability to make people miss, but fumbled it as he tried to fight for a few extra yards.

Another issue with Johnson this season has been his poor judgement on when to fair catch the ball and when to let it go. Johnson caught a ball on the 3 yard line against the Ravens, which ended up costing the Eagles 3 points when they were forced to punt out of their own endzone.

April says that despite Johnson's struggles, the Eagles have no plans of going back to Jackson anytime soon.

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