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The Linc - Eli Manning names Trent Cole as his nemesis

Eli Manning said yesterday that no one has sacked more him in his career than Trent Cole... but no one has hit him harder than Jerome McDougle.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Manning identifies Eagles' Cole as his nemesis -
"Trent Cole probably has more sacks on me than anyone else," said Manning, who won Super Bowls last year and in 2007. "The guy has been playing a number of years and he’s had a number of hits on me over the years, (but) nobody’s been real vocal to me over the years."

Is This Real? Michael Vick, Franchise Quarterback - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
The Eagles might have a 2-1 record, but anybody who has seen them play this year would struggle to reconcile their winning record with any sort of win

Scouts Inc NFL Rookie Watch - ESPN
#6. Mychal Kendricks, Eagles LB (second round, No. 46). Kendricks didn't make any huge plays against Arizona, but he was once again all over the field and constantly around the football. His speed and explosive qualities jump off the screen.

Eli Manning still remembers that McDougle hit
Eli Manning went on to win two Super Bowls. Jerome McDougle is out of the leauge. But Manning still remembers the hardest hit he's ever taken.

Michael Vick's offensive line problem isn't going away
Michael Vick's current problems are manifold, as are the causes of those problems, but what cannot be overstated is the offensive line's role in his slow start.

30 (somewhat basic) NFC East statistical nuggets through Week 3 – Blogging the bEast
Some of the following statistics below matter. Some may just be a matter of a small sample size. But to me, they’re all interesting in some way, so I thought we’d take a look at some basic statistical nuggets through Week 3

Ahmad Bradshaw will start Sunday vs. the Philadelphia Eagles - Big Blue View
Tom Coughlin indicated in his Wednesday press conference that running back Ahmad Bradshaw will practice this week and start Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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